Apache Http Server And SVN

Every developer and Every Project in this world uses a version system. Of all versioning systems i’ve used the most elegent one is SVN.  With its ease of use and over the http access facility it made my life easier than any otehr system.

There are 2 different ways we can host SVN over HTTP. One is Using World’s most Successfully Apache Http Server and other is using SunServe. Here i Would explain how to configure Apache and SVN and which versions ae compatible

There are many versions of apache and svn. And if we try to configure any combination we end up wasting our time as there are lots of compatability issues. Following are 2 of tested combinations by me.


SVN Version 1.4.5
Apache 2.2.6

Server version: Apache/2.0.59
Server built:   Jul 27 2006 15:55:03



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