jQuery Tutorials :- Part 1

All web applications these days have become Ajax Enabled and are becoming richer day by day with Increasing Browser Capabilities. JQuery one of the best Javascript Framework which provides Developers with lots of base features similar to Java SDK in java world. Many guys find it very hard to get good Integrated examples in Javascript. After exhaustive search even i couldn’t find good examples in with Java as backend and JQuery as frontend. I would like post series of articles which has JQuery as frontend and J2ee as backend.

Apart from that there are some services which are provided by default in framework like Theming support. I have downloaded all freely available JQuery themes and modified/created themeswitcher tool to point to local themes rahter than pointing to JQuery website for this so as to enable application in Intranet mode too rahter than relying on internet

This Application is also Integrated with JQuery-Layout which provides very elegant look and feel.

Application is designed in same lines as other Demo’s (EXT, JQGrid..etc) so it it looks easy for developors to Understand the Code and see examples
Will be hosting application in couple of days till then will attach screenshots and code base is there in google code.


My Code base is mavenized to make it easy for developers to build and deploy.
Lets start with Integration with JQuery

Layout And Themerollder
Layout And Themerollder

Creating tabs
Creatign tabs



3 thoughts on “jQuery Tutorials :- Part 1

  1. The first thing I must correct is, do write it “jQuery”.
    Anything else wud be demeaning for the library’s impact in modern web app development.

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