II_INSTALLATION must be set before the configuration utility is run

When rebooting a server with problems, it could lead to a corrupt ingress installation.

This leads to all kind of problems. When starting the Ingres Visual Manager you get an error: “II_INSTALLATION must be set before the configuration utility is run”.

To fix this problem you need to restore the symbols.tbl file located in the ingres\files directory. If you want to restore them manually, you need to know the original settings. You can get them back with the utility: ingsetenv.exe

If you restore the file, make sure ingres is down and run after the restore the following commands as you have in your Install.log

“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_LANGUAGE ENGLISH
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_TIMEZONE_NAME NA-EASTERN
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” TERM_INGRES IBMPCD
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_INSTALLATION II
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_CHARSETII WIN1252
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingunset.exe” II_CHARSET
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_DATE_FORMAT US
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_MONEY_FORMAT L:$
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_DECIMAL .
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_TEMPORARY “C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\temp”
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_CONFIG “C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\files”
“C:\Program Files\CA\Ingres [II]\ingres\bin\ingsetenv.exe” II_GCNII_LCL_VNODE “<YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME"

If you do not know the exact settings, you can try to take a look at the install.log. The settings of the ingres environment are also mentioned their.


2 thoughts on “II_INSTALLATION must be set before the configuration utility is run

    • normaly in the ingres/files directory you will find a backup of symbol.tbl.
      copy symbol.bak to symbol.tbl an start again.
      who sucks ?

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