Build Flowplayer From Source

There is no direct Link which gives proper instructions on how to build flowplayer. Here is my effort to build one

First goto flowplayer website and download source .Below is instruction

Once downloaded extract it to a folder

Rather than from website you can also get flowplayer-core source from

Now in folder above checkout following code base

Flowplayer build is dependent on the above plugins you download

now goto to flowplayer you downloaded from website and open

Make sure you update you flex installation Directory

# you need to adjust following to point to your Flex SDK


# change following to point to .exe files when running on Windows

mxmlc_bin= ${flex3bindir}/mxmlc.exe

compc_bin= ${flex3bindir}/compc.exe

asdoc_bin= ${flex3bindir}/asdoc.exe

Now Make sure you update the path for all plugins

plugin.buildfiles=bwcheck/build.xml,controls/build.xml,controls/build-air.xml,controls/build-tube.xml,controls/build-skinless.xml, \

for plugins that can be built inside the player

plugin-classes=${plugins.dir}controls/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}content/trunk/src/actionscript  \
  ${plugins.dir}akamai/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}rtmp/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}pseudostreaming/trunk/src/actionscript \
  ${plugins.dir}audio/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}bwcheck/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}cluster/trunk/src/actionscript \
  ${plugins.dir}captions/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}securestreaming/trunk/src/actionscript ${plugins.dir}smil/trunk/src/actionscript \

plugin-swc=${plugins.dir}controls/trunk/src/flash ${plugins.dir}content/trunk/src/flash ${plugins.dir}/viralvideos/trunk/src/flash ${plugins.dir}/pseudostreaming/trunk/libcontrols-dir=${plugins.dir}controls/trunk

Once configuration is updated you just goto to the directory where you unzipped downloaded flowplayer and then type “ant”

It Will automatically build all stuff for you

Make sure you have following in your machine before you build


Flex SDK:

Next tutorial is on adding our custom component to flowplayer……………………..


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